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Frequent Questions

Immediately call our office. If you are served with legal documents, injured by the negligence of another, or accused of a criminal offense, you need to know your rights immediately. Never ignore legal documents or assume the legal matter will just go away. Call us and schedule a consultation so you can get the legal advice that you need.

Call and talk to us. We can point you in the right direction. Whether it be recommending a good marital or family counsel,or making an appoint for you to come speak to Mr. Barfield in greater detail about your specific situation. It is better to do something than nothing. Get the answers you need to make an intelligent decision.

Never. In our experience by the time the officer is having you perform the field tests the officer suspects you are intoxicated, and will not allow you back on the roadway. It would be wrong for him to do so, if he honestly believes you are impaired. Be polite to the officer.

Although we can never give exact dates for the conclusion of any given case, most family law case in our office average from 90 days to six months depending on the complexity of the issues.

That is not a problem. We go out of our way to make sure we get you in to see us. Usually within 24 to 48 hours. In emergency situations the same day, even if it is after hours.

Mr. Barfield has been licensed since 1992 and has handled literally thousands of cases.

We handle each case on an individual basis. It may surprise you how affordable we can make your legal situation.

Never. Always initially plead not guilty. Then call us first so we can advise you of your rights.

If you are accused or suspected of a crime do not refuse to give out your basic personal information to the police officer. (i.e name, address, telephone number etc.). Never be rude to law enforcement officers. However, You have a right to remain silent until after you have had an opportunity to talk to an attorney. Exercise your 5th Amendment right to talk to an attorney first. If you request an attorney the police have to stop questioning you right then and there.

Try and remain calm. Obtain the other persons name, address, telephone number and complete insurance information as well as the license plate number of their vehicle. If possible have someone take photos immediately of the accident scene, and only after you seek medial treatment give us a call. First concentrate on your health then let us help you.

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